…she was a gem…

Nov 2017

I loved Kate from her very first email of introducing herself and applying to sit Suki! I just ‘knew’ she was a gem.

One of the things I enjoyed about Kate is that she kept me informed every step of the way — from her stay in Europe to landing on Vancouver island. She is very, very personable and certainly could have spent much more time conversing had I not had a schedule to meet.

What was best, though, is that she bonded beautifully and loved Suki to bits. I really appreciated being sent pictures – AND a short video of her purring! Such gestures put a nice smile on my face, warmed my insides, and reassured me that all was well taken care of. Thanks, Kate.

I came home to a very happy and content senior Suki, a tidy home, and a delicious borscht soup

I would have Kate back any time! Catch her if you can — you and your pets won’t regret her presence and loving care!