New neighbours

Nurturing connections, particularly during these pandemic times, creates a resilient community. Today I walked with a new neighbour and her service dog. We strolled in the park, leaned against a horizontal branch of a sequoia, talked and laughed and cried together and then set off along the ocean side path. The morning sun warmed us as we leaned into the wind and listened to the waves on the beach and we continued to share our stories.


Tomorrow, same time, same place.


They make me laugh!

Dear silly Rocket adapts to Jazmin’s takeover of the full-sized cushion by trying out her pint-sized bed.

15 year old Jazmin can no longer accompany Rocket on his long uphill hikes but she accompanies us every morning on our stroll to the dock. She still chooses to run the uphill section of her driveway.

And Jazmin still rules the roost, including access to preferred cushions!



Beautiful moment with my niece and great-nieces while visiting the Royal British Columbia Museum.

Cycling to Royal Roads

So much fun to meet up and cycle with friends Dan and Shelley.
We have skiied and cycled together in the Kootenays and in Japan and cycled in the Loire region of France. This spring we met up in Victoria to cycle out to the gardens at Royal Roads University.


Thanks to a referral from a friend of a friend I have a 3 month housesit on the west coast of Vancouver Island this winter. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be kayaking with new buddies and to have a winter of adventures to share.

A local choir

While housesitting in a small village in the Loire Valley I was invited to attend the choir practise for an upcoming performance of Mozart’s Requiem. My neighbour asked me to take photographs for the choir’s website and I was thrilled to be hearing the music from within the choir.

Back in La Creuse

It’s wonderful to be welcomed back by one of my favourite characters. I do love my repeat housesits. I’m back for my third time here with Henry, Marika and Benny and the chooks and ducks and fish. Alright, really it’s just Benny and Marika and Henry who actually remember me, the chooks and ducks and fish simply accept my care without much personality involved. I do enjoy watching the chooks and ducks interact with one another. And the fish rise to feed and let me catch glimpses of them.
Lovely to be here together!

Keeping cool

Recently I accompanied one of my favourite dogs and her owner to walk around a large local lake. We ended our walk at the dogfriendly beach where Ruby made a new friend and cooled off from her run. Sue and I enjoyed exchanging travel stories and sharing time together with Ruby. Another great summer day!

Diving again

Great to be back diving one of my favourite sites on Pender Island with dive buddies Carol and Derek. Carol and Derek have shared their knowledge and love for this beautiful area with me for several years. It’s wonderful to be back in the water together.