KATE RIDDELL: Housesitter

Now that I am retired I am enjoying travelling slowly and deepening my appreciation for this beautiful resilient world.

It is a pleasure to settle into a home with pets to care for, interesting areas to explore, and to experience new cultures from a more local perspective. I have excellent references from more than fifty homeowners with many requests for repeat sits. I return seasonally to some of my favourite pets and homeowners (and their wonderful communities and friends).

I prefer staying in an area for an extended period of time but I am sometimes available for short weekend or midweek breaks in between other commitments.

Here are just a few of the wonderful pets I have looked after (click any image to see larger pictures):

I prioritize your pets’ wellbeing at all times. I do appreciate dogs who will enjoy accompanying me on trails and hikes but I also welcome the opportunity to simply stroll along and observe the landscape.  I am content to spend quality time grooming and sharing a couch while reading, listening to music, singing or watching a film.

Work Experience

My work as head chef at a snowcat ski lodge and chef on a 20 metre charter sailboat honed my team management skills, emergency preparedness, appropriate useage of limited water and offgrid power, battery and generator maintenance, and a deep appreciation for calm seas and powder snow.


  • Ride-on mower, gas and electric mowers and trimmers, push mowers
  • tractors
    • fruit tree (apple, pear and cherry) orchard management

  • Greenhouse propagation
  • Pruning
  • Gardening
  • Irrigation systems, water collection systems
  • Water pumps and fire hose handling experience on 20 metre boats and on land
  • Wood burning heaters, pellet stoves, propane and kerosene heaters

Volunteer Experiences

  • Dental clinic in Tanzania set up by a retired dentist: former client at the snowcat ski lodge
  • Assisted with cooking classes in Vancouver school system with Project Chef
  • Coordinated  volunteers to prepare benefit dinner for 400
  • Taught basic reading and writing skills: StepUp Program
  • Film and music festivals
  • Many community work parties including firewood cutting, splitting and stacking, general homestead maintenance.


Click this link to read my References