…meticulous care…

Nov 2015

Kate did a great job taking care of our home and pets while we were away. Not only do we have birds and reptiles and other critters to care for, our dog had been injured shortly before we left and needed to be given medication and have his bandage cleaned while he recovered.

He was born deaf and only knows hand signs and feels it necessary that he is doted on. Kate gave him a lot of attention and took everything in stride and everyone was well cared for. She was detail oriented, quick to contact us with any questions and kept us updated with how everything was going.

Our dog healed well in Kate’s meticulous care. When we arrived home, our bedding was cleaned and there was a homemade (delicious!) veggie lasagna in the fridge. It was such a welcome relief after an exhausting, 30 hour+ travel home. Our home offers some unique challenges, and Kate did a great job!