Todai-ji Temple in Nara houses the Daibutsu Buddha. His right hand is expressing the mudra to repel fear.
I’m dealing with fear of loss of freedom and mobility since my ski injury last year. I’ve been physically active all my life, with no serious injuries or illnesses. Last year I broke my fibula and stretched my ACL. I was walking within 5 weeks of the accident and had excellent results from working with a physiotherapist and an acupuncturist.
But it was 6 months before I felt like myself again.
Ive hiked and cycled and walked and practiced yoga and qi gong. I feel strong and flexible.
I decided not to ski this season.
When in Nara recently I visited the Todai-ji and saw kids sliding through a hole in one of the pillars.
Then an adult crouched down and slid through the pillar.
And so did I.
A spontaneous moment.
And I replay the sensation. And try to retain the delight of sliding through.
I hope to return to backcountry skiing.
Meanwhile I shall seize every spontaneous moment that presents itself.

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